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Zac Raman

A website built of just HTML 4.0 - almost

Code - Background Transitions

Show image in background on hovering over an image

Code - Sticky Navigation Bar

Using summary-details tag

Code - Simple Keyboard

An on-screen keyboard - useful for fighting key-loggers :p

Code - Light Box

Click an image to show more info in a box.

Experiment - Parallax Scrolling

My earliest Parallax Scrolling experiment.

Experiment - A puzzle

A puzzle made using JS and Adobe Dreamweaver.

The Fashionable Brand

A fashion designer's showcase. Clean and Intuitive design.

PC Games Website

An all-in-one website to find PC Games and useful info for gamers.

Programmed Design

A multicolored spiral made in a HTML5 canvas using JS.


A simple calculator that keeps a record of calculations history.

Need more Info?

I love talking to others - especially if it's about Websites

What's the difference?

Business Chat: If you are interested in getting a website, doing professional work with me, hiring me, or informing me about a copyrights issue on a website, choose business chat. While I will respond to both types of chats, a business chat will get greater precedence.

Casual Chat: In my free time, I'm happy to offer advice about your existing website(s), to receive your tips and suggestions, or to just chat and get to know each other. A casual chat request is only through online communications which don't require me to be online while you are.